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You’ll work on cutting-edge technology for our large-scale biometric projects such as voter registration, ID cards, border control, and forensic systems.

ABIS is our flagship product – an automated biometric identification system. We’ve successfully deployed ABIS since 2009 in hundreds of identity management projects, including some of the world’s most complex biometric systems.

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Digital Onboarding Toolkit

You’ll prepare a complete technology package for the development of remote identity verification applications.

To open an account remotely in less than 60 seconds, just photograph your ID and take a selfie – that’s our Digital Onboarding Toolkit in a nutshell. Customers are mainly software integrators who leverage these technologies in apps for their clients.

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You’ll create a technological platform for modern smart buildings and increase safety in public spaces.

SmartFace is a scalable platform designed for face recognition and object detection. It works in real time or from a camera recording, ensuring speed and accuracy with our industry-leading algorithms.

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With Fingera, you’ll work on digitizing company processes such as managing attendance with a fingerprint or unlocking doors by sight.

Fingera enables SMEs to digitize internal company processes using biometrics. Over 800 corporate customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic use Fingera for their attendance management, absence approvals, access management, and catering system.

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International Sales

Combine your technological know-how and business skills in an international environment.

Our technology reaches out to clients worldwide. Our sales managers regularly travel and showcase Innovatrics solutions across the globe. Knowledge of tech and biometrics is key for client work, while business skills seal the deals.

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Research and Development

Join us in exploring the future of image recognition, neural networks, and machine learning.

The development of in-house algorithms and neural networks have made us a global biometric leader as confirmed by NIST – the most prestigious independent US-based organization. Nearby Brno is our creative hub.

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