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You Don’t Have to Be a Digital Nomad to Explore the World

You Don’t Have to Be a Digital Nomad to Explore the World

They say being a digital nomad comes with freedom and endless experiences, but are there any pitfalls to this lifestyle? Is there another way to travel and do what you enjoy differently?


A digital nomad is a term for someone who travels a lot, is location-independent, and makes money through the internet. It’s a growing lifestyle trend that attracts more and more young people. Working from a white sand beach under a tall palm tree, being the master of your time, not stressing and doing the work you enjoy – who wouldn’t want to have these options? But is it really that rosy?

The Modern Nomad

Tempted to be a digital nomad? It’s important to get a clear unbiased picture of what you’re getting into, not only the positives but also the negatives.

Where you choose to work is solely in your hands. If you opt for winter in summer and for summer in winter, you simply pack up and go where your heart desires. You are not bound by anything. Job offers? Time-off? It’s all up to you. Want to save more? You can always move to a country with a low cost of living.

On the other hand, there are some things to consider. Your income is not steady. Unlike a full-time job, you might have to constantly search for work. Perhaps you won’t have an income for several months, or even work like a slave horse so you can save for a rainy day. One downside is that you are completely dependent on your internet connection. You can’t afford to be off the grid, or else, you won’t get any work done and not get paid.

Steady Income

Without getting into the details of the benefits of permanent employment, it won’t hurt to have a steady income. Your salary goes into your bank account like clockwork. You know how much you have and can budget accordingly. To top it off, you enjoy various employee benefits, guaranteeing stability in your life.

But if you are an adventurer who likes to explore new countries, you may find the 20 days of leave stipulated by law limiting. You are sadly not the master of your time. You must agree on the dates of leave or time-off, not only with your superior, but often also with colleagues, which can be quite disheartening.

Explore and Work

Are you looking for a compromise between these two seemingly different worlds? Is it possible to work, travel, explore, and have a stable income at once? Yes, it is. 

Working with us at Innnovatrics brings many benefits. One of them is the opportunity to taste the world, and at the same time, have a stable income. We might be a Slovak company, but we operate all over the world. Having completed over 500 international projects, our colleagues travel a lot and get to know new countries and cultures. Work with us and you’ll not only have a steady income, but also stable Internet guaranteed.

Tempted? Check out our open positions and discover fresh possibilities with Innovatrics.

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