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Our Employees Are Our Most Important Customers

Our Employees Are Our Most Important Customers

Here’s How We Motivate Them

What’s the secret to motivating employees? Furthermore, what are the benefits of having highly-motivated employees? We’ve discovered the answers to these questions. Here’s how we motivate our employees to perform better.

Modern work, modern approach

The approach of large tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple has prompted a seismic shift in the way companies relate to and reward their employees. Motivated employees are the cornerstone of a company’s success. If an employee has no reason to perform well, the company will sooner or later begin to stagnate or decline. Employee motivation is simple, often requires little effort or investment, but the ROI is ten-fold.

At Innovatrics, we motivate our employees in a variety of ways. The option to set up flexible working hours is a great attraction for many job seekers for whom work-life balance is important. We also host regular team building weekends, with interesting workshops and activities.

Become better

Our employees have the opportunity to participate in technological conferences, to attend various interesting training workshops and to constantly expand their knowledge. We also have regular “tutorials” in the company. If someone wants to be educated at work, we will make that happen. Another attractive aspect is the possibility to travel around the world and experience new cultures.

Sufficient relaxation = better performance

An in-house snack, two large fresh fruit deliveries a week, a monthly company breakfast, home office, table football…. These are just some of the relaxing activities that many people can only dream of enjoying at work. At Innovatrics, they are a natural part of the working process. Healthy food and a game of foosball is a great way to unwind during a demanding day.

Satisfied employees = successful company

We constantly review how we reward our people. Salary, bonuses, personal development, working environment and even the great coffee we offer is always up for review! Our aim is to make our people feel great about coming to work.


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