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Innovatrics Goes Back to Its University Roots 

Innovatrics Goes Back to Its University Roots 

Some 15 years ago, Innovatrics was just a young promising technology startup, finding its path in a university campus. Looking back on our roots, it’s hardly surprising we support innovation-focused IT students, who are making meaningful projects these days. We met some of them at the Excel FIT Conference at the Faculty of Information Technology, VUT in Brno.

Firstly, we have to say, we were really impressed by the quality and depth of the students’ thesis, namely:  Security Analysis of Immersive Virtual Reality and Its Implications, Bioinformatic Tool for Classification of Bacteria into Taxonomic Categories Based on the Sequence of 16S rRNA Gene, Exploring contextual information in neural machine translation. These are just a few topics of the students’ final thesis presented at the conference. Secondly, all of them have a strong scientific background using state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, most of them successfully connect interdisciplinary knowledge. Bravo! This was the exact approach Innovatrics was built upon.

A Prize for the Most Promising Technology

As a general sponsor of the conference, we had to choose one project to be awarded. As we share a lot in common with these young students from Faculty of Information Technology in Brno, it was an honor for us to do so. The grand prize, which was a brand new Canon SLR camera, was given to Jan Kohút for his thesis, Learning and adaptation of neural networks for the text recognition. Congratulations! We hope this award will bring further motivation to your scientific work.

Since Innovatrics’ image processing team is located in Brno, teaming up with the university makes perfect sense in terms of potential cooperation or hiring.  “To continuously fuel our growth and maintain our position of having the most accurate face recognition algorithm in the world, we actively try to find the best heads to join our innovative team,“ says Katarina Vicenova, HR Business partner of Innovatrics. Indeed, this Image processing team is mostly composed of FIT VUT Alumni. Needless to say, we are stoked to support events like Excel FIT Brno. See you next year!

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