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If you’re studying IT, you normally don’t have to worry about getting a job. Having said that, you do have to choose the best offer available. If taking part in projects that allow your programming skills to be implemented all over the world is your thing, better read more on what we actually do at Innovatrics.

We utilize artificial intelligence in biometrics.

With a touch of black humour, we could say that artificial intelligence is like an artificial hand. It can make your life easier in many ways, and sometimes, it’s even more efficient than the natural one. However, it still cannot completely replace a missing limb.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that was created based on the human brain. Today, it’s everywhere around us, requiring constant development and improvement. We are a major part of that here at Innovatrics.

World Leader in Fingerprint Matching

Our goal is to deliver the best and the most useful solutions not only in biometrics, but also in the field of artificial intelligence and image identification. Since Slovakia is a small market for us, our products are thoughtfully developed to have a global appeal.

The beating heart of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), which comes from our virtual lab, is one of the fastest and most accurate algorithms for fingerprint identification. We are able to compare more than a billion fingerprints per second, which is something that even Horatio Caine would envy.

What have we achieved?

Person identification systems aim to bring order to chaos especially in less developed parts of the world. Our biometric technologies are currently used in 70 countries, and it’s really difficult to determine which product is the most successful. We decided to ask Ján Lunter, our CEO, which among them he considers the most significant.

According to him, “There are several significant projects that succeeded on a nation-wide scale. I appreciate that we have contributed to better organization of elections in Burkina Faso. Thanks to our software, we have ensured the democratic principle of one person = one vote. In Nigeria, we carried out additional verification of election votes. Owing to our fingerprint algorithm, we were able to detect whether one person voted multiple times or not. In Thailand, we verify the identity of individuals entering the country, increasing overall security.”

We have also been the recipient of various awards: In 2015, we were voted IT Company of the Year; the following year, we bagged the IT Product of the Year; Enterprise Investors and Forbes awarded us the title of Diamond of Slovak Business in 2016 and the title of Innovative Company of the Year in 2017 respectively.

Despite all these accolades, Jano considers something entirely different to be our greatest success:

“We were able to not just develop sound technology, but also implement it in a variety of applications on the market. It’s not always a straightforward process, but I’m glad we are able to combine innovative development with business.”

How is Innovatrics better than others?

We also differ from the majority of IT companies by focusing on the development of new technologies, and not on the deployment of already created software.

“We are not a project company – we focus on products rather than projects. We see projects as a way to introduce our products onto the market. Of course, we also have project managers, but we primarily regard ourselves as a company that develops products and then helps in their deployment.”

After great successes and accomplishments, a company often gets complacent, and development sometimes begins to stagnate. In order to avoid this at Innovatrics, we need a lot of young blood to stir up still waters.

“We are a company that innovates and comes up with solutions that have global potential. We provide the opportunity to smart and talented people from this region to use and develop their talent so they can participate in the conception of unique solutions for the entire world. I would like Innovatrics to be the world leader in image identification and artificial intelligence.”, said Lunter.

Now, wouldn’t you want a more interesting future than being just an ordinary employee in a huge open space office of a generic multinational company? Check out our job offers.

If you want to do top research and help advance technology in the world, your place is here with us. We are not only looking for programmers, but also colleagues from other fields.


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