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JURAJ KUBA: one can push through ONE’S plans, and thus contribute to the COMPANY’S development

JURAJ KUBA: one can push through ONE’S plans, and thus contribute to the COMPANY’S development

They are the heart of the company’s ecosystem. They keep the heartbeat up that takes place in the server room – where everything starts and ends. They ensure the smooth operation of devices and internal network settings without which even the fastest algorithm would be lost.

How did you get to know Innovatrics?

I learned about Innovatrics by accident when I read an article about Lunter (a company that was until recently known under the Alfabio brand). I wanted to know more about the Slovak tofu-making company, and my research gradually led me to the son of Ján Lunter Sr., who founded Innovatrics. At that time, it was a small, (still) purely Slovak IT company with a global presence. In my mind, I imagined that I would work for such a company one day.

About a year later, a colleague came to me and suggested that I apply for a job at Innovatrics. Supposedly, I was a great fit. The next day, I sent my CV, and things took off relatively quickly and smoothly from there. During the interview, we really hit it off that within a month, I joined the company as an IT support specialist.

What were your first impressions?

Going to the houses was quite an experience for me. I really enjoyed the family atmosphere and the amazing team. One of my first tasks was the maintenance of Ján Lunter’s computer (the founder, owner, and CEO). When I tried to find him, I automatically searched for a large separate office, somewhere at the end of a corridor.

To my surprise, I found Jan sitting among other colleagues in the corner at the end of an open office space working under the same conditions with the same computer as everyone else. The modesty that emanated from him was likable, like that of the entire company.

Tell us more about the team you work in.

Originally, I joined a team called Service and System Delivery (SSD), but it went through some changes and separated from the Delivery team. We did not want to call the team SS so we renamed it to ITO (IT Operations). At the moment, there are 5 members, one of whom is based in Brno.

ITO is made up of system administrators and support specialists, and our job is to make sure of the smooth IT operation within the company. Administrators are concerned more with network and server settings while specialists are in touch with users and solve their everyday problems and needs.

What challenges do you face most often?

Challenges do, indeed, occur daily 🙂 New problems arise every day, and these are often issues that we have never encountered before and which need to be resolved promptly. We strive to find better solutions like optimizing work, the work desk, hardware, and software so that people are able to get the best working experience.

We are the heart of the company’s ecosystem. We keep the heartbeat up that takes place in the server room, where everything starts and ends. Without this rigorous management, this would simply not be possible.

How would you rate the overall atmosphere in the company?

One can see that the company takes care of its employees. By providing them with a variety of benefits, it strives to make the environment more enjoyable, which is going very well. People can enjoy the fun zone, fresh fruits, and rich buffet. Personally, I prefer playing table football and ping-pong.

Among other things, I appreciate our fingerprint-based attendance system that eliminates the need to carry a badge or anything else that can be forgotten at home. Apart from this, working hours are flexible, which really resonate with me as a father of two children.

As for the team, I have never met such smart people who are, on the one hand, highly qualified professionals and, on the other, great colleagues and friends.

In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good system administrator or specialist?

Not everyone is cut out for these positions. The role of a system administrator calls for a great deal of patience, initiative, and understanding. We work with people with varying degrees of IT literacy so we need to know how to “tune in” to people to be able to help and advise them. One has to stay on top of things and look at everyone individually and with understanding.

What would you advise to those who want to apply for a job at Innovatrics?

Innovatrics is a very successful company that provides people with great opportunities. I can say that it is a company of unlimited possibilities. Talent is supported, and, if you can imagine something, you can achieve it. People are not perceived merely as numbers but as individuals, and they are treated as such. In spite of our growth, we still haven’t adopted the typical corporate culture. One can still push through with one’s ideas and inventions and thus contribute to the company’s development.

About Juraj

He comes from Bratislava, where he graduated from the University of Management with a major in IT project management. He spends his free time with his two children, and when not spending his time with them, he fixes and builds computers. In addition to this, he likes order, which he also strives to bring into the company culture.

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