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Are you studying IT and clueless where that might lead you? Would you like to work on products that have a global reach and have already been used by almost a billion people? Innovatrics offers much more. Come to one of our events and see for yourself.

Our know-how is based on technologies for the identification and verification of people based on fingerprints, facial or iris detection. Does that sound like a scene from an action flick? With us, the future is now.

With Innovatrics, the future is in your hands.

No, it’s not just our new campaign (Check us out, we’re amazing), but also our mission and challenge at the same time. Our technologies for automatic face and fingerprint identification are constantly improving, but we are also looking for other innovative solutions with international potential.

This includes development in the field of artificial intelligence and image identification. Since we’re moving fast, more brainpower and fresh ideas are always welcome. To put it simply, one can never enough.

Find us interesting? We’ve only scratched the surface.

You know what we do, but you’ve still got no clue where all our ideas are hatched before getting transformed into reality. All the magic takes place in our new HQ in Bratislava, where you can surely find something interesting for yourself. We’ve got a table football, a lot of healthy (not to mention unhealthy food), scenic views of vineyards and nature just around the corner, and last but not the least, a corporate culture that respects everyone.

It does not matter if you feel more at ease in a t-shirt or suit, what’s important is that you’re happy while you’re with us. Don’t even get us started about our legendary teambuilding, that requires a separate article in itself.

Come and have a chat with us. Where can you find us?

We evolve with our technologies, and every day, we learn more about what it is like to not only just be a Slovak, but also a global company. Recently, Profesia Days were held in Bratislava, where Innovatrics also had its own booth.

In addition, we support and cooperate with Nexteria, a non-profit organization that supports young talents and leaders across all sectors in Slovakia. IT was their highlight, so we simply couldn’t miss their event, Night of Chances, held in Bratislava last March 14.

Studying in the Czech Republic? Want to get in touch?

Bratislava may be a tad far, but what about a compromise? The Czech branch of Innovatrics is based in Brno and cooperates with the Faculty of Information Technology, VUT. They organize the event, Excel@FIT 3.5. It’s a student conference on innovation, technology and science in IT, and we’ll sure be there come May 3rd.

If you can’t make it in May, the Night of Chances Technology will be held in Brno in the fall. The date is yet to be determined, but you can check out our website for more info. See you all there!

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