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New life in a new office

New life in a new office

Change; some people hate it, others see it as an exciting challenge. At Innovatrics, our working life has changed considerably in the past month.

Village life

For more than 5 years, our headquarters was located in a quiet suburb of Bratislava called Raca. Our team was spread across three separate houses, which were fitted out to an extremely high standard and had an unmistakable charm and unique atmosphere.

Growth brings change

The rapid growth of our company resulted in a shortage of space for new colleagues. Therefore, we had to find an alternative solution where we could be all together in one central office with enough space for future growth. Finally, the decision was made to find a new home for Innovatrics.

A new life in “Nove Mesto”

Following an extensive search, it was decided that Jarosova Office Centre in the Nove Mesto area of Bratislava would become our new headquarters from mid-August 2017.

Amazing work has been done by our moving team, and great thanks goes to all of them for making our move so smooth.

Open space

Almost the entire fourth floor of the building is dedicated to us. The working environment of the company is divided into two parts. A smaller part (about 300 m2) is occupied by the sales, marketing, HR and consulting teams, as well as our CEO, Jan. In the second, larger area (almost 600m2), is occupied by the entire development team and our office team. Meeting rooms and show rooms are located on the first floor, along with our main reception.

The area itself is designed as an open space, however, each area has partitions created from plants, and therefore the impression of a large space fades away. In the ‘management space’, there is a dominant podium with a library that creates an informal atmosphere.

In general, there has been a very positive reaction to our new working environment. Importantly, we are all together and have day-to-day interaction with our colleagues.

We still need to fine-tune a few details, but have a look at some photos of the work done so far – you never know, perhaps you could be our next new colleague!

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